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Police quell student protest in Honduras
2009-08-06 14:07

Several people were injured on Wednesday when Honduran police suppressed a demonstration by college students in support of ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

The police broke into the National Autonomous University of Honduras and its dean, Julieta Castellanos, was beaten, Alejandra Cruz, a student, told the local Radio Globo.

The clash was the first between police and students since the June 28 coup. Castellanos said the police pushed her to the floor when she tried to stop them.

"I went out to talk with the members of the student board and the police hurt us. I am not going to allow that; we are going to sue the police," Castellanos said.

A group of students blocked the Suyapa boulevard in front of the university in northeastern Tegucigalpa Wednesday morning. The students threw stones at the police when they intervened.

Police have said they will not tolerate any protestors blocking the streets and the protestors will be dispersed by force.

Professor Olvin Rodriguez said the teaching staff of the university condemn the use of violence against the students.

"We request the international community to have solidarity with our university and to express their condemnation to these vandal acts," Rodriguez said.