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Barge leaks 100 tons of diesel into Nile River
2010-09-12 09:12

A river barge sank in Nile River Saturday near Aswan, south of Egypt, causing some 100 tons of heavy fuel leaking into river.

The vessel carrying 244 tons of diesel oil was docked in Aswan, about 1,000 km south of Cairo, when it sank and began spewing oil into water. The situation was contained until now, according to the state-run MENA news agency.

Aswan Governor Moustafa el-Sayyed said all measures were taken to clean up the leakage and ensure that drinking water supplies were safe.

The boatman of the barge who belonged to the Nile company for river transportation in Aswan was arrested and will be referred to the public prosecution, MENA said.