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Rabies deaths rise as more own dogs
2011-09-29 08:22

SIX people have died of rabies in the city so far this year, a slight rise from the previous three years, authorities say.

The trend is not surprising, given the increasing number of dogs and residents' failure to license and vaccinate their pets, the Shanghai Health Bureau said yesterday, the World Rabies Day.

In 2009, police dealt with nearly 140,000 reports of people being bitten by unlicensed dogs, compared to 100,000 such reports in 2006.

Over the last three years, nearly 120,000 people have gone to hospitals after being bitten by dogs in Shanghai.

Most residents with dogs neither apply for licenses nor vaccinate them. The city has an estimated 750,000 pet dogs, but only about 140,000 are licensed.

According to the health bureau, no one who died from rabies in recent years visited a doctor immediately after being bitten by a dog.

Source:Shanghai Daily