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Warning on older appliances
2012-11-09 09:08

THE city's consumer protection commission is warning people that air conditioners, water heaters and washing machines more than five years old have potential safety hazards and contain large amounts of bacteria.

Bacteria and viruses pile up in the thermal fins and filters of air conditioners, which can lead to colds and skin problems, the commission said. If filters are not cleaned, an air conditioner will use more power to cool rooms, it added.

Air conditioner support brackets may rust and weaken. Since many are mounted outside apartments, rusted brackets may lead to an air conditioner falling.

Overused old water heaters will have power, water and gas leakage problems, posing safety threats.

Coliform bacterium is also commonly found in washing machines used for a long time as their components are hard to clean, experts said.

These appliances should be checked, maintained, cleaned and repaired regularly, the commission said.

Source:Shanghai Daily