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Xi: Officials assessed on more than boosting GDP
2013-06-30 10:16

PRESIDENT Xi Jinping said yesterday that China would never assess the performance of an official simply on his or her record in boosting the economy.

The Party should adopt more comprehensive criteria for assessing the performance of its officials, said Xi, who is also the Party chief.

He was speaking at a meeting on personnel resources on the eve of the 92nd founding anniversary of the Party.

It should consider a local official's work in aspects including people's livelihoods, the development of local society and quality of the environment.

"We should never judge a cadre simply by the growth of gross domestic product," Xi said.

When promoting officials, authorities should consider integrity as a priority and then capability, he said.

They must serve the people heart and soul, exercise their power carefully and resist corruption, Xi added.

To select and promote good officials, the Party needs an efficient and reasonable system.

More efforts should be made to improve the transparency of promotion and promote an upright style in the recommendation and assessment of officials, he said.

Source:Shanghai Daily