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Xian De Lai Restaurant


Xian De Lai Restaurant serves the national favorite pork ribs fried with glutinous rice cake. Established at Lane 177, Xizang Road (S.) in 1921, it used to cater for low-end diners, hence the title "Xian De Lai" and "king of pork ribs". The name "Xian De Lai" implies "luscious, virtuous and prosperous". The pork ribs are made like fans, golden in color, delicious in taste and tender in texture. The rice cakes are white, smooth and chewy.

  Specialty; pork ribs fried with glutinous rice cake

  Address: 98 Yunnan Road (S.)

  Tel: 021-63366108

  Transportation: Bus 23, 123, 926, 980


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