UBPA-Urban Best Practices Area

Impressions in Taipei Pavilion(Oct.28)

Living Water Garden (Jul.9)

Tak Seng On --- Macau Case(Jul.6)

Case Joint Pavilion 4-1 (Jun.28)

Hamburg House:Home of Hidden Energies (Jun.23)

Spinning Wheels:The City of Odense,Denmark(Jun.22)

Impressions in Ningbo Tengtou Pavilion (Jun 4)

Impressions in Pavilion of Future (May 21)

The Tents City of Mina(May.31)

Impressions in Case joint Pavilion 1(May.31)

Case Joint Pavilion (Part 1-Shenzhen Pavilion)(May.16)

Impressions in Case Joint Pavilion 2 (May.21)

Impressions in Alsace Case Pavilion (Jun 3)

Case Joint Pavilion (Dusseldorf &Porto-Alegre)(May.18)

Case Joint Pavilion (Part 3)(May.17)

Case Joint Pavilion (Part 2)(May.17)

The Bremen Town Musicians-Urban Square(May.17)

World Food Court in Urban Best Practices Area(May.17)

The Revival of the Bicycle Odense's UBPA Case(May.6)

Ningbo Tengtou's UBPA Case:Painting the Village Scenery and People's Life(May.6)

Rh ne-Alpes Pavilion: An Enjoyment of Purity homeland in the urban environment(May.6)