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Storm floods roads, homes
6/9/2004 17:41

A storm hit the city early yesterday morning, flooding several roads and homes while lowering temperatures sharply.
Twelve districts, mostly downtown areas, were hit by the storm.
Xuhui District felt the brunt of the storm which dropped 87 millimeters of rain in the area. During the heaviest part of the downpour, 33 millimeters of rain fell in the district within one hour, according to the Shanghai Flood Control Headquarters.
The storm flooded 10 roads in Xuhui and Zhabei districts, and the water then entered more than 20 homes.
"The water entered at dawn and soaked almost all my belongings," said Wang Xiaohua, who lives in Caojiazha area on Caobao Road in Xuhui, where many old houses are located.
The water on the street was up to Wang's knees. His home was flooded with about 30 centimeters of water.
Flooded streets were a problem for many parents who walked their children to school on the first day of the new semester.
"We had to walk in the water, soaking our shoes, and I was worried the muddy road could cause the kids to fall," said Situ Jinying, a local mother who took her daughter, a primary school student, to school.
Many of the flooded roads weren't cleared until 3pm, according to the Flood Control Headquarters.
The rain also caused the mercury to drop sharply. Yesterday's daily high was only 24 degrees Celsius, 6 degrees lower than Tuesday.
The high should rise to 28 degrees today, but the sky will remain overcast, the bureau said.