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Healthier cops taking a bite out of crime
17/9/2004 16:28

The ongoing specialized training of local police has shown initial success, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau announced yesterday.
The training, which started in May, is aimed at building up police officers' bodies, improving actual combat efficiency and cultivating their specialities, according to authority.
Yang Ye, a bureau spokeswoman, said strict exercises were connected with sports activities such as ball games and swimming, which allows police to have fun as well as master skills.
On June 20, Nanhui District police were alerted that two migrant people were peddling broken golden necklaces to pedestrians. Investigator Liu Zhuang and his colleagues hurried to the scene but the frightened suspects made off at once at the sight of them.
Following a one-kilometer pursuit, Liu, who is about 50, managed to catch one of them, a 24-year-old fugitive wanted by police in Zhejiang Province.
Liu reportedly attributed the successful capture to his increasing sports capacity after joining the basketball team.
In anther case, a female task force of the Caohejing Police Station cracked down on a criminal ring on suspicion of selling pornographic DVDs near Shilong Road Tunnel in Xuhui District.
The female officers, who are experts at kickboxing, rounded up the whole gang after it fled in all directions.
"Besides, we compile special drill textbooks for police on different posts, teaching them more scientific and practical methods in daily work," the spokeswoman added.
On May 27, officer Song Xuedong noticed two people suspected of committing illegal activities. When a male suspect surnamed Ma who is 1.8 meters tall attempted to escape the scene, Song tripped him to bring him under control without a struggle.