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Children's hospital to build its new facility
3/10/2004 10:21

Fudan University's Children's Hospital started building a new facility in Minhang District yesterday. Construction will be complete by the end of 2006.
The new hospital will have 450 beds and cover an area of 10.67 hectares.
Officials said the present hospital on Fenglin Road in Xuhui District will still operate after 2006. "Considering demand, the present hospital will continue to serve outpatients and emergency treatment once the new one opens. We will also build an international center for patients demanding better medical service," said Gui Yonghao, the hospital's president.
Several parents expressed concern about the new hospital's location.
"It is so inconvenient for patients, families and visitors to go all the way to Minhang District, since the present location is downtown," said a woman surnamed Huang, who lives in Xuhui.
Officials said traffic would not be a problem.
"Although the hospital is built in the suburbs, several main roads and a nearby subway will link it to downtown," Gui said.
The new location will also likely attract patients in neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, he added.
Officials said the extra space in the new location will allow them to set up education facilities and rehabilitation centers so that child patients would enjoy hospital stays better and recover faster.
"We will also set up enough rooms for parents to help care for their children," said Luo Weifeng, a hospital spokeswoman.
The children's hospital is one of the leading medical facilities in the city. The present hospital on Fenglin Road has already existed for about 50 years.