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Schools in Xuhui add alarm systems
3/10/2004 10:35

Authorities in Xuhui District have begun to install an emergency alarm system in more than 180 schools in the area as a precaution against violence on campus, the Oriental Morning Post reported yesterday.
Xuhui is the first district in the city to set up such network to prevent campus violence and the installation will be finished in the middle of October, the paper said.
Several recent serious school tragedies at home and abroad garnered the attention of the State Education Ministry. Schools at all levels are required to take effective measures to ensure students' safety.
Some hidden perils were revealed following a recent survey on campus security in the district.
For example, in some schools one security guard takes on several posts. In another case, there was nobody in the janitor's room of a kindergarten so that strangers could come in easily without being questioned or stopped.
"The severe situation pushed Xuhui authorities to go into immediate action," said a district official surnamed Sun.
He said the operation involved district education authorities, police and neighborhood departments.
"The Xuhui District Education Bureau will sustain all the expenses - about 100,000 yuan (US$12,048) in total," Sun added.
According to officials, the alarm system includes three main components: infrared alarms, alarm buttons and surveillance cameras.
The devices will be installed in major spots around the school and connected to police departments and neighborhood committees.
Once an emergency occurs on campus, police will arrive at the scene within five minutes and neighborhood employees can make contact with rescue staff to prepare for medical treatment.
"It is a good practice (to install such systems) as the security condition on campus will be much improved," said He Guozhou, an official with the Xuhui District Public Security Bureau.
A recent test at the Kangning Technology Experimental Primary School proved the efficiency of the network.
The alarm system detected that a "ruffian" broke into the computer room of the school and immediately sent an emergency signal to district police headquarters.
Four minutes later, police officers from nearby Kangjian Police Station arrived at the primary school and managed to bring the "ruffian" under control.