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Bank girls arrest police hearts
29/10/2004 11:21

A matchmaking party held by Xuhui District police on Wednesday night was such a success they've decided to make it a monthly event.
The policemen invited young women from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Xuhui Branch) to the party titled "Dating on Wednesday."
Officials said they intended to create opportunities to make female friends for policemen who are fully occupied with their jobs and have no time to be courting.
"My work always keeps me busy and the people I contact are mostly men," said a policeman named Chen Jianfeng.
Selected from more than 70 applicants, five policemen and five bank women aged 23 to 28 became the final leading roles.
Those who missed selection then made up backing groups together with other colleagues to join in the party.
Following the form of a popular matchmaking TV program "Dating on Saturday," the party started with the self-introduction of the women, all of whom were wearing fancy masks.
Then the men made their first choice - presenting a rose to their favorite lady and introducing themselves.
The women then removed their masks.
Playing the piano, singing songs and reading a poem, guests tried various means to show their talents as well as their attractiveness.
To learn more about their counterparts, the 10 participants then asked each other questions.
Based on a better understanding, guests made their second choice - setting up five temporary families to play games.
The women were then invited to make the final choice.
Three found matches in the group, one declined to make a choice and one chose a backing group member instead.
Participants said they had fun at the party and enjoyed the process very much.
"I felt it a sound and encouraging way for me to find my Mrs Right," said a policeman from the criminal investigation department.
Chen Fei, who declined to make a choice that night, said she would still like to attend such activities in the future as "policemen always bear a mysterious but upright flavor for me."
Police said they were considering enrolling more women candidates from other fields such as teachers and nurses.