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Spray to help cut down dust
10/12/2004 11:57

Shanghai Daily news

Local authorities plan to promote a water spray device at construction sites next year to reduce dust discharge, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau said yesterday.
The device, similar to a shower spray in bath houses, wets the land and prevents a "sand storm" in strong winds.
"Dust discharge is a big pollutant in the air and its reduction is key to improving air quality," said Wang Yu, vice chief of the bureau's pollution control division.
Since last December, four downtown districts - Xuhui and Jing'an among them - have spent 35 million yuan (US$4.2 million) in trying various measures to establish showcase areas for controlling dust discharge. Water spraying has proved to be one of the most effective measures so far.
The water sprayers will be installed about five meters above ground. The pressure will be two to three times that of ordinary sprayers used in homes.
They will not only wet the land and piles of sand, but also clean vehicles coming in and out of construction sites.
A set of such sprayers costs more than 1,000 yuan (US$120). It will be more expensive with a computer monitoring device.
Environment authorities will conduct regular checks on dust discharge. The bureau will also increase the cleaning frequency of watering carts on some key roads where many trucks pass.
Xuhui District's sanitation bureau spent 4 million yuan buying nine high-pressure tank cars to wash dirty roads.
The four districts that have tried various measures to control dust discharge, have cut their dust discharge by nearly 50 percent in the past year.