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Japan's inflation expands 1% in November
26/12/2008 16:45

Japan's inflation expanded 1.0 percent year-on-year in November due to continued rises in fuel and food prices, marking a 14 consecutive monthly rise for the core Consumer Price Index (CPI), a government report said today.

Japan's core CPI, which excludes prices for fresh food but includes those for fuel, read 101.6, compared with the gauge of 100 for the base year of 2005, said the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in a preliminary report.

Following a 1.9 percent rise in October and a 2.3 percent increase in September, the pace of the CPI expansion continued to slow down as gas prices suffered a fall of more than 10 percent.

The core CPI for Tokyo's 23 wards, which is deemed as the leading indicator of prices across Japan, grew 0.8 percent to 101.2 in December, said the report.