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Joining eurozone significant step: Slovak official
29/12/2008 17:55

Joining the eurozone is of political and economic significance for Slovakia, Finance Ministry spokesman Igor Barat told Xinhua yesterday.
Slovakia, slated to join the eurozone on Jan. 1, relies on the import of raw materials and export of manufactured goods. Joining the zone will benefit commercial trade and the country's future economic growth, said Barat, Slovakia's "Mr Euro."
To use the euro, the symbol of Europe, means the country has taken a key step toward full fusion with the European Union, a move which will have a profound impact upon Slovak politics, economy, society, culture and popular life, he added.
Joining the eurozone will also enable Slovakia to better cooperate with other EU countries in combating the global financial crisis, Barat said.
Slovakia was among the 10 eastern European countries to become EU members in 2004.