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South Korea, Japan reopen markets to Chilean pork
31/12/2008 17:10

The Chilean Agriculture Ministry said yesterday that South Korea and Japan have lifted their import ban on Chilean pork.
Agriculture Minister Marigen Hornkohl told the press: "This is good news and reinforces our efforts to ensure Chilean exports are of a high standard.
"Japan and South Korea have recognized the safety guarantee that Chile gives to its products and the importance of the coordinated work between the public and private sector."
Japan and South Korea suspended imports of Chilean pork in July after high levels of dioxin were detected in a shipment to South Korea.
Dioxin is a chemical linked to chlorine that can be harmful to human health.
Following the discovery, the Chilean Health Department quarantined several pig farms to investigate the dioxin claims.
Pork is a growing industry in Chile with Japan being a major importer.