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Conference kicks off to better protect migrant workers
27/11/2006 16:26

Katia Deng/ Shanghai Daily news

The 13th economic coordinating conference of the central cities along the Yangtze River will be held today to November 28 in Chongqing. It is the first time that migrant workers' rights and interests are listed on the key issues up for discussion.

Mayors from 29 cities are expected to join the conference today.

The multilateral agreement will be on the following:

- Stepping up the training & employment archive system and the service management system for migrant workers; helping to protect their legal rights and interest when confronting difficulties.

- Implementing the policies of cross-regional employment, including the social security system of migrant workers' medical service, which will be advanced in the future to dispel any discriminating regulations and unreasonable fees.

- Establish a fairer and unified labour market and employment system, and a more open employment information net.