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"Madagascar 2" leads foreign box office
23/12/2008 10:58

"Madagascar 2: Escape Africa" hurdled to the forefront of the foreign box office with weekend sales of US$33.5 million from 56 territories.

The animated film opened in 10 markets and was welcomed in the No. 1 spot by Italy (US$6.5 million) and Australia (US$4.4 million), as well as Hong Kong and New Zealand.

The sequel, which grew its international gross to US$218.5 million, held strong in holdovers, with Germany delivering 26.8 million dollars to date, France US$21.6 million, the UK US$18.7 million and Mexico US$12.1 million.

Last weekend's champion, "The Day the Earth Stood Still," slipped to No. 2 with US$21 million from 92 countries, taking its international total to US$72.3 million. Market totals include Russia with US$9.2 million, the U.K. with US$7.2 million, Mexico with US$5.6 million, and France with US$5.5 million.

"Twilight" picked up 11 million dollars from 27 countries, highlighted by a No. 1 bow in the UK (US$3.9 million) and a No. 2 opening in Brazil (US$1.2 million, behind "Madagascar 2"). Its international total stands at US$64.6 million.

"Four Christmases" earned 5.7 million dollars weekend from 38 markets. Its total is US$23.8 million. "Bolt" bit off US$5.3 million from 15 countries, moving its total to US$35.9 million.

Two new entries seeking a piece of the holiday business included new North American champ "Yes Man," which took in US$3.5 million from six countries, and the mouse cartoon "The Tale of Despereaux," which tallied US$1.7 million from the UK, Spain and Portugal.