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Katie Holmes chooses Broadway over Tom Cruise
25/12/2008 10:06

Katie Holmes had the difficulty of making the choice to either stay in New York and finish her last performance of her Broadway show, "All My Sons," or attend the Golden Globes with husband Tom Cruise in Los Angeles.

Tom is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Tropic Thunder" and the Golden Globes are handed out on Jan. 11, 2009.

Katie's press rep, Ina Treciokas, says definitively that Katie has decided to stay in New York to do her last show. She states that the cast of "All My Sons" has been like a family and they want to end the show together.

Holmes has been totally devoted to the show. She hasn't missed a single performance and has remained devoted to the play even though she has the smallest of the four lead parts.

So who will Tom bring to the globes? Speculation is that his mother, Mary or daughter, Isabella, will be his date for the evening.