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Zhang Yimou, Jackie Chan: China's most loved celebrities
29/12/2008 10:15

China's most loved celebrities were announced on Saturday, December 27 with director Zhang Yimou and veteran Kung Fu star Jackie Chan sharing the top prize. It was the first time two people shared the honor.

Veteran folk singer Song Zuying was adjudged the most popular female performer, having overtaken last year's winner singer Peng Liyuan.

Stars like Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Jet Li, Li Youbin as well as late director Xie Jin were in the top 20. Mainland pop singer Zang Tianshuo, who was arrested for allegedly helming a criminal gang this November, and Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen, who was involved in a nude photo scandal, finished in second last and last place respectively in the list of about 700 celebrities.

Veteran actress Deng Jie fell to the third-last position in the ranking. Her public standing was greatly jeopardized by her connection to the tainted milk scandal in the past few months.

The survey also ranked CCTV presenter Bai Yansong as number one on the hosts' list. Entertainment program hostess Li Xiang came in last.

Budding actor Wang Baoqiang, who rose to fame through the hit TV sitcom, Soldiers Sortie, was honored as the best new actor.

The survey, conducted by the Lian Xin Power Survey company, focused on five categories: professional ethic, performance, public welfare activity, social influence and commercial value.

The selection was carried out in a fair, scientific way. While the performance of celebrities was what was mainly taken into consideration, negative reports took its toll on some big names.

The activity is believed to encourage Chinese celebrities to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Xinhua/CRIENGLISH. com