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Vienna New Year Concert features Haydn's work
30/12/2008 10:21

Austria designated 2009 as Haydn Year to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of Austrian composer Joseph Haydn.

The 2009 Vienna New Year's Concert will perform the final movement of Haydn's Symphony No.45 -- "Farewell Symphony."

Director of the Vienna Philharmonic Clemens Hellsberg told a press conference on Monday that this is the first New Year's Concert featuring Haydn's work.

This New Year's Concert will be conducted by Daniel Barenboim, a Russian Jewish immigrant who was born in Argentina's Buenos Aires in 1942. This will be the first time for this famous pianist to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert.

Barenboim said at the press conference that he is "honored" to conduct the Vienna New Year's Concert, and he knew that Vienna Philharmonic chose the conductor of its new year's concert not only by his artistic attainments, but also his suitability.

Barenboim noted that he has worked with Vienna Philharmonic for many times performing the works of Strauss. He also praised musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic for their perfect mastery of Strauss' works, and expressed full confidence in another successful cooperation with Vienna Philharmonic.

Austrian Television ORF will insert a music video program introducing the northern Austrian city of Linz during the half time break of this New Year's concert, so as to promote Linz as 2009 "European Cultural City."