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Woody Harrelson marries 20-year-long girlfriend
31/12/2008 10:19

Representative of Woody Harrelson said the actor got married with Laura Louie, his girlfriend of 20 years, in Hawaii, according to media reports today.

Representative Ina Treciokas said in a statement that the marriage happened on Sunday on the island of Maui in an intimate ceremony attended by family and friends.

Harrelson, 47, and Louie, 43, met on the set of "Cheers" in 1987 and have been together for two decades. They have three daughters together, Makani Ravello, 2, Zoe Giordano, 12 and Denni Montana, 15.

Harrelson earned him an Oscar nomination in the 1996 film "The People vs. Larry Flynt," and he most recently appeared in Will Smith drama "Seven Pounds."