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China's "Dam Street" wins top prize in France's Asian Film Festival
13/3/2006 16:20

China's "Dam Street" won the best movie award in this year's Asian Film Festival at the French seaside resort of Deauville yesterday.
The movie, which won the Lotus D'Or (Golden Lotus) prize, was directed by 33-year-old Li Yu, the only woman director taking part in the event.
The film focus on the life of a young Chinese woman who fell pregnant as a high school student in a small, conservative Chinese town in the early 1980s.
After giving birth, the heroine in the film was told that her baby did not survive. She met her son ten years later, but neither were aware of their special relationship till they finally found the truth at the end of the film.
"Dam Street" is Li's second feature film and has already been shown at a number of other major cinema events including Austria's Biennale and the Toronto and Rotterdam film festivals.
Earlier, it also won the award for best original screenplay in a film festival in Busan, South Korea.
Li, a well-known television presenter in China before becoming a director, was not present in Deauville to receive her award, but French actor and director Jacques Weber, who headed the festival jury, accepted it on her behalf.
Another contender for the Lotus d'Or was "The Peter Pan Formula", a directorial debut by 33-year-old South Korean director Cho Chang Ho, which was finally awarded this year's Jury Prize.
The "Action Asia" prize for the best action film shown at this year's festival went to "Bittersweet Life" by another South Korean director, 42-year-old Kim Jee-Woon.
This year's Critics Prize in Deauville went to Thai director Wisit Sasantieng, for his off-beat love story "Citizen Dog."
Another Thai director, Kongdej Jaturanrasmee, won the prize for the best screenplay for "Midnight My Love", the tale of a Bangkok taxi driver who falls in love with a beautiful prostitute.
Earlier on Wednesday, at the opening ceremony of the festival, the festival paid tribute to Chinese director Chen Kaige, who was in Deauville for the screening of his latest feature "The Promise", which was also the opening film of the festival.
The Asian Film Festival in Deauville is one of the biggest Asian film festivals in Europe.