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Mlns of Pets Cost Beijingers Billions Annually
7/8/2006 17:10

Beijingers love pets. They enjoy living with Bornean Bay Cat, American Bobtail Cat, German shepherd dog, jird or even boa constrictor. But they prefer pet dogs most. By the end of last June, the number of pet dogs registered by Beijing Public Security Bureau had reached 534 thousand. The total amount of pets in Beijing had exceeded a million if pet cats and unregistered pet dogs were included.

It's roughly estimated that Beijingers spend 1.2 billion yuan ($150 million) annually on pets. Related service provided by a hairdressing salon for pets will at least cost one 100 yuan ($12.5). Senior pet training school often charges 7,000 to 8,000 yuan, where pet dogs can follow various simple demands made by their masters. "A well-trained pet can demonstrate its master's social status, so he or she cares not much about the tuition fees," a pet training school executive said.

Few Beijingers adopt stray dogs or cats. Many of them will not hesitate to pay thousands of RMB for a pet animal they adore. Some rare precious breeds can cost even a million yuan. Recently, a standard poodle was sold at a price of 700 thousand yuan ($87 thousand), a record in Beijing's pet market. A pet market analyst reveals that baby pets are much easier to be sold.

Pet dogs like Schnauzer, Poodle and Pomeranian are very popular in Beijing. Most pet fanciers in Beijing spend 2,000-5,000 yuan to buy their pets.