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Weddings Cost Too Much in China
8/9/2006 9:37

One of the most important reasons for China's current fourth "single boom' is that it is really too expensive for young couples to get married these days.

For example, the average cost of a wedding ceremony in Shanghai is nearly 190 thousand yuan, nearly 400% growth more than 50 thousand yuan of 4 years ago. More than 50% of newly-weds have to rely on their parents' support to get married there.

A survey finds that the single boom hit mostly young white-collar workers and well-off people, who pay special attention to life quality, which might be affected by the large wedding expenditure.

A Beijing office lady who got married five years ago think that though love plays an important part in marriage, young people before getting married should foresee the responsibility they will have to take up like buying housing, raising children, etc.

However, some others believe that love can be the key to all the problems, as there will be two to face the challenge of life after marriage instead of one. An accountant said that young couples should take the vista of life into consideration before they get married, rather than some temporary impulse, and she believed that she and her husband would make things better in the future. It seems that expensive wedding expenditure had never troubled her mind.

One expert also believes that Chinese would love to spend a lot on wedding ceremonies, even 1/3 of all their savings, and they will spend more on the wedding preparations like buying houses and cars. Though weddings cost more and more, with the support of two families, young people do not need to worry much, indeed, said the expert.