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Mexico's Jewish film producer Alfredo Ripstein dies: report
22/1/2007 16:53

Alfredo Ripstein Jr., a veteran Mexican movie producer and father of the country's most celebrated contemporary filmmaker, Arturo Ripstein, died of respiratory failure in Mexico City on Saturday, the local daily El Universal reported yesterday.
Ripstein, the son of a Jewish immigrant from Poland, died at his residence at the age of 90 and was buried on Sunday at a cemetery in the capital city, the report said.
Ripstein, who made a reputation in Mexico's "golden age" of cinema in the 1940s and 1950s, was the producer of the controversial film "The Crime of Father Amaro (El Crimen del Padre Amaro).
"The Crime of Father Amaro," produced in 2002, depicted sexually immoral conduct on the part of a Catholic priest and portrayed him taking "norcolimosnas" or handouts from Mexican drug cartels. The film was criticized by the Mexican Catholic Church and other Roman Catholic groups as "anti-Catholic".