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Xu Jinglei launches her e-magazine "Kai La"
18/4/2007 10:04

Chinese actress and director Xu Jinglei has launched her first issue of an e-magazine "Kai La" online that mainly touches upon areas of entertainment, current affairs, literature and economy.

The first ever e-magazine of Lao Xu, who often prefers others to nickname herself as, made its debut Monday, also the 33rd birthday of the prolific Chinese actress and director, now an e-magazine editor-in-chief as well.

Many renowned Chinese writers like Wang Shuo, Han Han and Gu Xiaobai had contributed articles to the first issue of the online magazine.

At a press conference Monday in Beijing, Lao Xu confessed that being an editor of a magazine has long been one of her sweet dreams in life.

Also a hottest star blogger in China, Xu Jinglei says she is equally confident about her new-born online magazine.

According to reports, Lao Xu's maiden issue's income from ads had hit over one million yuan although it included only four commercial advertisements. Sources also predict that advertisements are expected to bring about over 20 million yuan of revenue for the e-magazine this year. The number of "Kai La" readers will neither be less than 2 million at the early period of the new magazine.

Currently, only six staffs are reported to work for Lao Xu's "Kai La" e-magazine. They are in charge of its major contents and daily updates.

The first issue of the magazine has a comprehensive coverage on Chinese TV drama "Bloom of Youth", which was inspired by true stories of some Chinese celebrities when they were young in 1980s and early of 1990s.

In the magazine, the TV drama's director Ye Jing and its lead actors Tong Dawei, Chen Yufan and Bai Xue unveiled many backstage stories about the play and shared with readers their own experiences when they were young.

Wang Shuo also devoted to the magazine two articles on his latest book "My Thousand-Year Chill" which has recently received controversial feedbacks among readers and critics.