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Tuya' actress to join Hollywood action film
29/6/2007 10:28

Yu Nan, "Tuya's Marriage" actress, has arrived in Germany to join filming for Hollywood live-action blockbuster "Speed Racer," the Oriental Morning Post reported yesterday.

Yu will play the sister of a rival driver, played by South Korean star Jeong Ji-hoon, more popularly known as Rain, in the live-action film based on the Japanese animation "Mach Go Go Go."

Director brothers, Larry and Andy Wachowski, have assembled a stellar cast for their first writing/directing collaboration since "The Matrix" movies.

The film stars Emile Hirsch in the leading role of "Speed," with Christina Ricci as his girlfriend, Oscar winner Susan Sarandon ("Dead Man Walking") and John Goodman ("Evan Almighty") as Mom and Pops Racers.

Yu will spend one month in Germany for the filming. The movie is slated for release in May 2008.

The 28-year-old internationally acclaimed actress has starred in a number of Chinese and foreign films including "Rage," "Diamond Dogs," and "Tuya's Marriage," the winner of the 2007 Berlin Festival's Golden Bear. She has won the best actress awards for the Paris Film Festival and the Golden Rooster in China.