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Ebay-affiliated Paypal declares war on 'The Rape of Nanking'
13/9/2007 17:27

Paypal, which is owned by Ebay, has declared war on "The Rape of Nanking" in an attempt to cover up Japanese war crimes, the documentary producer said yesterday.
Paypal has demanded that the producers of documentary stop selling the DVD of this film, independent producer Rhawn Joseph said in a statement.
Paypal has complained that this film "generates hatred, thus " completely unacceptable and cannot and should not be sold," said Joseph.
Because the film reveals Japanese war crimes, including the rape, bayoneting, burning, and torture of innocent Chinese and other Asian people, and because it makes the Japanese look bad, Paypal considers the film "not acceptable," said Joseph.
This was an attempt by Paypal to cover up Japanese war crimes, he said.
Paypal, which processes credit card payments, and has monopoly status in the United States, has also frozen the accounts of the producers, preventing them from gaining access to funds generated through the sales of the Rape of Nanking DVD and other legitimate products, Joseph said.
"Paypal has declared war on this film, and is trying to put the producers out of business," he said.
Because of Paypal's hindrance, the producers can no longer sell this film, or any other product, from their websites. As distributors in the United States have also refused to distribute the DVD, this makes it almost impossible for anyone in the United States to purchase this film which, now, can only be purchased from one online store,, according to Joseph.
Joseph said he has tried for days to resolve these issues, but without success. Instead, Paypal executives have chosen to lie to him and to make slanderous and hateful statements about this film.
"The attack on this film by Paypal is yet another example of the extreme difficulties faced by the producers of this film," said Joseph.
In February, Youtube removed this film from the Youtube website for a 48 hour period and only agreed to put it back online after Joseph, the producer, threatened to file a lawsuit.
In addition to the threats and attacks by Paypal, the producers have received threats from right wing Japanese, who, along with Paypal, have attempted to stop this film in order to cover up Japanese war crimes.
"Paypal has clearly allied itself with right wing Japanese who have repeatedly tried to stop this film," said Joseph.
The actions of Paypal, a major American corporation, are part of a continuing pattern of attack by certain American companies and the American media, on the people of China, Joseph said.
The New York Times, for example, has recently dismissed Japanese war crimes as insignificant, describing these atrocities as "misbehavior" that should be forgotten.
Many American newspapers have begun printing cartoons drawn by a Japanese, which directly attacks the Chinese people. These cartoons are called: Secret Asian Man. These cartoons are clearly racist and are designed to make the American people hate China and the Chinese people, said Joseph.
The Rape of Nanking has now been seen by over 4 million people and is ranked among the top 10 "Most Discussed Film of All Time" ( Youtube). It is regarded as one of the best movies ever made about this tragedy.