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Best Chinese films for Beijing screenings
14/9/2007 10:15

China's leading film corporation, the China Film Group, has announced this year's participating films for its annual screening gala.

The Beijing Screenings, running into its 11th year, will feature a careful selection of 60 or so Chinese films from September 18 to 21.

Boasting as a window to showcase the latest outstanding Chinese films, this year's event has attracted more than 100 international film buyers.

They will be able to scout from a diversity of titles, from award-winning features like "The Knot" and "Tokyo Trial," to the Golden Lion nominee "The Sun Also Rises," as well as some ethnic pictures like the "Ganglamedo."

To echo the approaching 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the event will have a special section for Olympic-focused films.

During the event, the China Film Group will also initiate a plan to sign up new film-making talents and finance their future projects.