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Nuclear safety lab set up
4/6/2005 9:13

Shanghai Daily news

France and China have jointly established a laboratory in the city to study nuclear power generation safety, officials said yesterday at a seminar on nuclear energy for civilian use.
The financial details were not disclosed, however.
The country plans to nearly triple its nuclear generating capacity by 2020.
"China considers France a very important partner to realize its advancement of nuclear generation technology," said Zheng Mingguang, vice president of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute.
Established in April, the Severe Accident Management Laboratory is co-run by the institute and the French Atomic Energy Commission.
Zheng said laboratory researchers, including those from France, will concentrate on preventing potential radioactive risks. They will also try to resolve ways to safely remove residual heat - a by-product created during nuclear power generation, which if not treated properly could lead to pollution of underground water.
Zheng said French researchers are expected to provide a computer database that will allow the calculation of potential risks in nuclear power generation.
The nuclear generating system adopted by France is called the Europe Pressurized Reactor - which, depending on its four backup systems, can significantly improve the country's nuclear generating power safety level, scientists said.
There are no nuclear reactors in the city, but some equipment and technologies needed to build them have been invented by local scientists, insiders said.
According to a central government plan, China expects to almost triple its current nuclear power generation capacity. It hopes nuclear power will account for 4 percent of total power output by 2020.
It is estimated the country needs 28 nuclear reactors to achieve the goal. The cost could exceed US$40 billion.
France and the United States are the most competitive potential suppliers of nuclear reactors.
By taking part in the laboratory project, France may improve its prospects of winning future contracts with China.