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Attack blamed on funeral feud
5/7/2005 7:42

Yang Lifei/Shanghai Daily news

A funeral owner who was allegedly stabbed by a competitor was reported to be in stable condition in a city hospital yesterday while the suspects in the attack remained at large.
Several members of the victim's family also suffered minor wounds in the attack, which they said was the seventh by a business rival.
Police yesterday declined to comment on the case.
The victim, Jiang Pujun, runs a funeral home on Shiguang Road in Yangpu District.
At around noon on Friday, Jiang and four family members went to the district's Shidong Hospital after they were informed that a patient had just died.
A little while later a rival funeral home operator and nine friends showed up at the hospital carrying knives and sticks, witnesses said.
The other businessman confronted Jiang and told him to leave, and when he refused, the gang allegedly attacked.
"It was such a frightening scene that no one dared to lend a hand," said a witness, Xu Jinzhong.
"We all ran from the hall and returned five minutes later after the attack ended," he said, adding that the assailants fled before police reached the hospital.
Jiang, 27, suffered head injuries and several cuts to his back while his mother, younger brother and two cousins received minor wounds, according to family members.
"His mother is now taking care of Jiang in the hospital, and the other three have returned home because they lack the money for further treatment," said Zhang Huanhuan, Jiang's aunt.
"We reported the incident to the Yinghang Police Station but haven't received any reply," Zhang said. "We are planning to seek help from senior authorities at the district level or city public security bureau."
The victim told reporters that his business rival extorted 3,000 yuan (US$361) form him last September and that the man continued to make trouble for his relatives, including several assaults, when they rejected a second extortion attempt.
Shidong Hospital officials said the attack was recorded by surveillance cameras, and the tape was handed over to police.
The city's funeral authorities said it is a quite common practice for mortuaries to converge on a hospital when they heard that a death has occurred.