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Super Girls Concert tickets hot
9/9/2005 17:06

Vicky Xu / Shanghai Daily news

Over 60 percent of the tickets for the October 6 Super Girls Shanghai Concert were sold in three hours yesterday, the first day of sales, the Xinmin Evening News reported. The computer system collapsed several times from overwork as wild fans formed a long queue. Some people each bought more than 100 tickets.
The Shanghai concert will be the second stop of the Super Girls National Concert Tour, which comes right after the half-year Super Girls Singing Competition.
The Super Girls Singing Competition is an "American Idol" style national event. It became the talk of the nation overnight and won a TV audience of 2 million for the finals on August 26.
The 10-stop concert tour will start in Chengdu, Sichuan, which is the hometown of this year's champion girl, Li Yuchun. The Beijing concert on October 9 will be its third stop.
A distinguished feature of the tour is that the organizers have set the price low to make the concert affordable for young fans. For example, the Shanghai concert has six price levels: 50 yuan, 100 yuan and 150 yuan for common seats and 280 yuan, 380 yuan, 580 yuan (VIP) for luxury seats. It is reported to be the lowest range for all concerts held in Shanghai to date. The 50 yuan and 580 yuan ones have nearly sold out, according to the ticket center of the Shanghai Stadium.