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Carnival fee cut to lure players
1/11/2005 16:53

Jane Chen / Shanghai Daily news

Starting this week, and on each day from Monday to Friday, price discounts will be provided on one major attraction of the ongoing Pudong Global Carnival, a move designed to attract visitors during weekdays, the organizer announced.
The charge will be chopped from the previous six tokens to two, each costing 5 yuan (62 US cents), according to today's Shanghai Morning Post.
The five games are Flying Swinger for Monday, Frisbee for Tuesday, Octopus for Wednesday, Flying Carpet for Thursday and Global Wheel for Friday. The admission ticket to the carnival remains unchanged at 50 yuan.
Organizers hope the discounts will lure more visitors from weekends to workdays. They said visitors on weekends ammounted to 30,000 on average since the carnival started last month, while those on weekdays number about one-third of that.
Meanwhile, the organizer has promised to add prizes for games of skill, which are popular with players who are enticed by the plush-toy prizes. To increase the number of prizewinners, the organizer will reduce the degree of difficulty of the games. At some games, every player will win a prize, it noted.
The carnival concludes on November 20.