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Surviving Chinese twin doing well after separation surgery
26/7/2006 17:10

An 11-month-old Chinese girl has been recovering well since doctors separated her from her conjoined sister who died four days after the operation, doctors said today.
Chen Jingni was off medication and life-support equipment, said doctors with the Children's Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, where the operation was carried out on July 6.
Her weight had increased from 3.8 kilograms after the surgery to 4.27 kilograms and she was drinking three quarters of a liter of milk a day.
The conjoined twins, from Taizhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, shared a liver and a digestive tract and had congenital heart disease, according to doctors.
They were successfully separated after nearly 13 hours of surgery, but Chen Jingxuan died from organ failure on July 10.
Chen Jingni had overcome a post-surgery infection and survived.
All 101 stitches had been removed by Tuesday, doctors said.
Her mother, Chen Yanfen, was staying alone with her every afternoon. Doctors said the mother's care would contribute to her recovery.
The girl will return home for a period after her surgical wounds is healed and nutrition improved, according to the hospital.
Depending on the girl's condition, surgeons would carry out plastic and reconstructive surgeries on her heart, legs and pelvic cavity in the future, said doctors.