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WSN system boosts World Expo security
27/11/2006 16:27

Shanghai Daily news

A Chinese developed Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) system to safeguard World Expo 2010 was now on broad, a professor told the launching ceremony for the system at Jiao Tong University yesterday.

The Wenhui Daily reported that the project, headed by well-known scientist Professor Ni Mingxuan of Jiao Tong University, was the first national key project -- also known as a 973 project -- in the city's information industry which was led by a university or research body.

Sources said the WSN model system would be widely used in the World Expo Site during the 184-day event in 2010.

"The system can meet the demands of Expo's security control and information output," Ni said.

People all over the world also can access to the system online to check on activities at the Expo Site.

Compared with traditional infrared ray systems which may sound an alarm if they detect a leaf falling, the new WSN system will be more accurate and report only truly suspicious occurrences.

The new WSN system can also be used in monitoring security in coal mines and water quality.