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St. Petersburg to hold Shanghai Week next year
18/12/2006 16:09

Wendy Zhang/ Shanghai Daily news

Russia will celebrate a "Year of China" next year and St. Petersburg will host a week of special events in honor of Shanghai, the Mayor of Shanghai, Han Zheng said after a meeting on the weekend with a delegation from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
The delegation was headed by Chairman G. Zyuganov who said he expected there wold be more cooperation and exchanges beteen Shanghai and Russsia.
This year marked the "Year of Russia" in China, and Russia will reciprocate with the "Year of China" next year.
Mayor Han said that Chairman Zyuganov's visit would strengthen bilateral friendship.
Mr Zyuganov thanked the people of Shanghai for their hospitality.
He said: "China and especially Shanghai have made great achievements in recent years from which we can learn. Shanghai and Russia expect to enhance cooperation and exchanges between each other," he said.