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Jiao Tong bus won't clog air with fumes
21/11/2004 8:17

Shanghai Daily news

Jiao Tong University announced yesterday that it has invented the most environmentally friendly bus in the world, which runs on a new clean fuel and doesn't discharge any black fumes during operation.
Invented by professors at the university's mechanism college, the bus uses dimethyl ether - a non-toxic chemical compound with a high oxygen content - as its fuel.
The new fuel contains no chlorine fluoride and can provide high energy without harming the ozone layer at all, professors said.
Liquidized DME is condensed into two 200-liter tanks to run the bus, which looks no different from any ordinary vehicle.
"The new model is absolutely a significant reform for the city's public transport industry," said Huang Zhen, vice dean at the college, adding that the new fuel is cleaner than oil, safer than natural gas and more convenient than hydrogen.
"The most important point is that people no longer have to suffer from heavy black fumes discharged by oil-driven buses," Huang said.
The first bus model is still in production. It is expected to be put into use on a trial basis in the first quarter of next year.
The Ministry of Science will offer subsidies to produce 30 such busses in Shandong Province in two years.
Currently, the cost of the concept bus is several thousand yuan higher than ordinary ones, but that is expected to change once the new vehicle goes into mass production, Huang said.
Shanghai's streets are home to more than 18,000 buses, of which only about 145 run on compressed natural gas.