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Families compensated for lives lost in north China mine mishap
18/11/2005 15:23

Families of the 33 miners killed in the plaster mine cave-in in north China's Hebei Province on Nov. 6 have been compensated 170,000 yuan (US$21,400) for each victim, the local source said.
Compensation for each miner killed while working underground in the pit stood at 173,600 yuan, a spokesman with the emergency rescue headquarters in Xingtai said Friday.
The compensation for other people killed in the accident, mostly family members and businessmen who were trapped by collapsing residential buildings nearby, varied in light of different situations, he said, without giving any details.
"All the families of the dead have received the compensation," he added.
Moreover, the local government is also preparing to compensate some local villagers, whose houses were destroyed in the accident, he added.
The cave-in took place at 7:40 p.m. on Nov. 6 in three plaster mines in the county of Xingtai, trapping at least 71 people.
On Thursday, rescuers miraculously saved on miner who had been trapped for 11 days. Yuan Shenglin, the lucky survivor, is being treated at a local hospital.
Investigation into the cause of the accident is underway, and the search for the missing and work dealing with the aftermath is still gong on.

Xinhua News