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The game of kings takes root in Inner Mongolia
29/12/2005 10:19

Gangsuh gives chess lessons to youngsters in Inner Mongolia at the Hohhot Chess Academy.
"Chess players from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will find their way to the outside world," said Gangsuh, head coach of the Halimak Chess Club, beaming with pride.
Gangsuh has been fascinated by chess since he was a college student. Years later he became a chess star in the autonomous region.
With a passion for the game and the drive to make it popular among local people, he set up the first ever chess club in the region in 1999 in his hometown West Ujimqin Banner, Xilingol League.
He moved the club to the regional capital Hohhot, where more people knew the game and more tournaments were held.
"It was a big decision," said Gangsuh, who sold his farm to raise money. He also brought his wife and two daughters to Hohhot.
A former chess champion of the autonomous region, Gangsuh takes junior players as a high priority. He hopes to find more talented players through cooperation with the Hohhot Sports Bureau. Together they promote chess among middle and primary schools.
"My aim is to help about 10,000 people in Hohhot know and play chess within three years and foster some competitive players that are capable of winning world junior titles," Gangsuh said.
Gangsuh's efforts paid off five years later.
His hard work is starting to pay dividends.
Gangsuh's eldest daughter Altnhua, 12, participated in last year's world junior championship. She finished fifth.
Like horse racing, wrestling and archery, a Mongolian-style chess game is very popular on the grasslands. The fact that Western-style chess and Mongolian-style chess have the same origin helps people learn the game easier.
It is estimated about 100,000 people play Mongolian-style chess.
Gangsuh feels confident of the game's future in Inner Mongolia.


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