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Wounded in E. China intentional injury incident all in stable condition
16/1/2006 17:16

All of the 24 wounded survivors in an intentional injury incident that occurred on Saturday in Chizhou City, east China's Anhui Province, are now in a stable condition in hospital, local health bureau said on Monday.
No death has been reported.
At around 6:30 on Saturday morning, Li Guosheng, a farmer from Qingshan township of Dongzhi County in Chizhou City, forced his way into the campus of the county's No. 2 Middle School and threw a flaming, indigenously-made gasoline bottle into a classroom.
Li jumped off the three-story school building by a window and was sent to a local hospital immediately. He died later in hospital.
The tragedy left 23 junior middle school students and one teacher injured mainly in faces and hands. All of them are hospitalized for treatment and in a stable condition, said Hu Konglai, head of the local health bureau.
Cause of the tragedy is still under investigation.

Xinhua News