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Fire spreads in northeast China virgin forest
18/9/2006 15:07

Five hundred people are struggling on four fronts to put out a fire raging in virgin forest in northeast China, local fire prevention sources said today.
Fire had broken out in four sites in the northern Greater Hinggan Mountains, of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said sources with the armed police in charge of fire-fighting.
The fire, which has spread from the original two sites, was about 1,000 kilometers from the nearest city, Hulun Buir, making it difficult to fight, said the sources.
The destruction caused by the blaze was still unclear due to the amount of smoke.
More aircrafts were needed to put out the fire, the sources said.
The fire was spotted on Saturday by a forest ranger, who immediately alerted it to the fire fighting department.
Public access to forest areas in the Greater Hinggan Mountains has been prohibited during the dry autumn period, when the fire risk is higher.