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Beijing to move polluting radio, TV masts from downtown
30/11/2006 15:51

Beijing will move four radio and TV masts to new sites in the next five years to reduce downtown radiation pollution, according to a municipal environmental protection official.
Two China National Radio towers and a Beijing Radio mast in Chaoyang District, as well as a backup China Central TV tower in Yuetan Park, will all be moved, said Du Shaozhong, deputy director of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau.
"Electromagnetic radiation from the four towers is within limits, but they represent too high an electromagnetic radiation risk for densely-populated nearby residential areas," said Du.
Du did not say where the four masts would be relocated.
In the next five years, Beijing will impose strict environmental protection requirements on the location of new electromagnetic radiation facilities, according to Du.
The capital would also deal with other polluting emission masts, relocating them as necessary, Du said.
A radioactive waste storehouse in the suburbs of Beijing will soon be completed and commissioned, according to Du.