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Britain pours tons of trash into China
23/1/2007 17:18

Lydia Chen/ Shanghai Daily news

Britain has shipped 1.9 million tons of trash into China in the past eight years, the Southern Express, a newspaper based in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province reported today.

The amount of trash poured from Britain to China rocketed 158 times to a record 1.9 million tons since Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Britain, first came into office in 1997, when the number was only 12,000 tons, the report said, citing Sky TV, a popular British broadcaster.

The trash, dumped at a reclamation center in Fuoshan city, Guangdong Province, includes used metals like copper, nickel, zinc and lead, which may severely threaten water resources and the environment, while China exports more than 16 billion pounds worth of cargo to the European country every year, the report said.

Waste paper and used plastic items are also on the waste list, according to the report.

The reclamation center, founded in the 1970s, was unlicensed, a local environmental watchdog told the newspaper.

The report also said that some British environmentalists were concerned about the peril the trash may cause and that it may compromise Britain¡¯s¡°environment first¡±policy. However, Ben Bradshaw, the reigning Labour Party¡¯s environment minister, retorted that the trash fleeted to China would make little difference to the world¡¯s deteriorating global warming.

The State Environment Protection administration said today that investigations on the dumping were under way and it would keep a close eye on the case, the report said.