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Chinese Foreign Ministry comments on Brown's willingness to meet Dalai
20/3/2008 17:17

China's Foreign Ministry yesterday urged the British side to get a clear understanding of Dalai Lama's "true face" and offer no support for Dalai and his secessionist activities, when asked to comment on Prime Minister Gordon Brown's remarks on his willingness to meet Dalai Lama.
"China is seriously concerned about the message (Brown's remarks on his willingness to meet Dalai)," Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said.
"As we have repeatedly pointed out, Dalai is a political refugee engaged in activities of splitting China under the camouflage of religion," Qin said.
The spokesman also accused the Dalai clique of organizing, premeditating, masterminding and inciting the Lhasa riot, which "once again exposed Dalai's separatist nature."