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Senior Chinese leader urges applying scientific outlook on development
30/12/2008 12:25

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping yesterday urged all localities and departments to apply the scientific outlook on development in their work.

Xi, who is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Political Bureau, also asked party members and government officials to take the lead and be role models in work to deal with the international financial crisis and maintain steady and relatively fast economic growth.

Xi said this at a conference on studying and applying the scientific outlook on development, an important concept endorsed by the CPC that emphasizes caring about the well-being of people and promoting comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

He called for efforts to solve several major issues hindering scientific development and launch several projects to bring actual benefits to people so that they can feel the changes brought about by the campaign to study and apply the scientific outlook on development.

He also urged establishing mechanisms that guarantee and promote scientific development.