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Man assaulting 12 pupils diagnosed to suffer from schizophrenia
8/12/2004 14:58

The man who assaulted and injured 12 pupils of a primary school in Panshi City, northeast China's Jilin Province, last Friday, was diagnosed to suffer from schizophrenia.
The local police said Wednesday that Liu Zhigang, 30, the assailant, is a jobless resident of Mingcheng Town. He lived together with his 80-year-old father and used to have a history of lunacy.
A report produced by the General Hospital of Neuropsychosis of Jilin City, the provincial capital, concluded that Liu suffered from schizophrenia plus melancholy during the attack, so he could not be held responsible for his behavior.
The police has thus released Liu from detainment and left him in the hospital for treatment.
At about 9 a.m. last Friday, Liu, who carried a kitchen knife, entered the Central Primary School of Mingcheng Town by scaling up the school fencing, first attacked the students of the first grade in the school, and then cut his own throat. He was soon restrained by school staff and police, who rushed him to hospital.
The injured pupils, five boys and seven girls, who have been hospitalized since the assault, are now in stable situation. They are expected to be discharged from the hospital on Thursday.