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Fast reactor stations for 2020
24/1/2005 8:17

The construction of prototype fast reactor nuclear stations will be complete by about 2020, said Kang Rixin, director of the China National Nuclear Corporation.
The reactor can lift the utility rate of natural uranium from 1 percent to 60 to 70 percent with a pressurized water reactor.
Most of the country's nuclear stations, both in operation or under construction, use a pressurized water reactor and a heavy water reactor.
The development of the new reactor is expected to be finished and in operation at the beginning of the next "five-year plan" period (2006-2010), CNNC sources said.
Cnnc is speeding up the prototype fast reactor experiment, which is supported by the 863 Plan, the nation's high-tech research and development program. The reactor research, with a total investment of 1.38 billion yuan (US$167 million), is the largest project in the 863 Plan.
According to National Development and Reform Commission plans, nuclear power should make up 4 percent of the nation's total generating capacity by 2020.
"This requires CNNC, in collaboration with other corporations, to make pragmatic plans and schedules to address bottle-neck problems the nuclear industry faces," CNNC sources said.