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Historical Sites of Revolutionary Activities
11/8/2004 14:49

Shanghai is a city with a glorious revolutionary history. Many revolutionary activities have left behind precious relics and sites. They include the site for the first congress of the Communist Party of China; the residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his wife Madame Soong Qing-Ling; the residence of Zhou Enlai, the first premier of the People's Republic of China and that of Lu Xun, a great Chinese writer.

-- Site of the first congress of the Communist Party of China   

imageSituated at No. 76-78 Xingye Road, this is the birth place of the Communist Party of China and is now under the state protection. In these two houses with stone-framed gates, typical Shanghai residences in 1920s, the first meeting of the Party was convened in one of the sitting room on the ground floor on July 23, 1921. Now, the furniture in the sitting room is replica. There are also wax statues of participants, precious documents and other exhibits, recording the historic period of the beginning of the Party and its activities in the following years.


-- Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen   

imageNo.7 Xiangshan Road is the address of the residence, which was bought by some Chinese living then in Canada for Dr. Sun to support his revolutionary activities. Dr. Sun lived in this house in 1920-24. In 1961, it was listed as an important historical site under state protection. During his stay here, Dr. Sun reformed the Kuomingtang and entered the first round of cooperation with the Communist Party of China. In addition, he had written several books in this house. Now, articles on display in this residence include the officer's sword, military maps and writing tools once used by Dr. Sun.

-- Zhou Residence   

imageZhou Residence is located at No 73 Sinan Road. The red door of this French style garden house bears the words reading "Zhou Residence" and "Residence of General Zhou Enlai." During 1946-47, this was the Shanghai representative office of the Communist Party of China. Zhou held many important press conferences and met with many famous patriotic personages here. Officially turned into a memorial hall in 1979, the house exhibits some of the precious articles and documents written by Zhou.

-- Residence of Lu Xun   

The former residence of the great Chinese writer is at No. 9, imageLane 132 Shanyin Road. A three-story red brick house was once where Lu Xun lived and worked. The writer did a lot of writing, translating, editing in this house and created the "China Freedom Movement Alliance" and the "Leftists' Alliance" here. One display in the house are some writing tools and articles once used by the writer.