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Expo, not just a one-time event
27/9/2006 10:24

Shanghai Daily News

One of the basic ideas behind the Expo is that everything connected with it should have a bright future, Juan Alberto Belloch Julbe, mayor of Zaragoza, Spain told our reporter during the Forum 2006 - Expo Shanghai China today.

As an international event, the Expo 2010 in Shanghai will surely fascinate the local citizens and all of the visitors during its 6 month stay in the city. However, a more important significance lies in the opportunity that the Expo offers the city and the changes that are likely to happen after the event.

"The Expo is simply the first stage of a long term development project" Julbe said, "About 90 percent of the Expo site will remain in the city."

The infrastructures will probably last for 20 years, Julbe added, which will help the citizens recognise and understand the fundamental changes the world has around them.

The city of Zaragoza in Spain, the host of an international thematic exposition on water and sustainable development in 2008, has a 2000 year history. After its 2008 expo, the site will play a significant role in the city, Julbe mentioned.

As for suggestions on the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Julbe said: "China is now the focus of the world. The city and the country can make great use of this amazing growth opportunity."

The theme of the Expo 2010 is connected with the quality of life, so the organisers need to thoroughly develop upon this concept, Julbe added

Julbe also stated that Zaragoza has a close relationship with Shanghai, as the two cities were both fully involved in the preparation of other Expos.

A Biography of Juan Alberto Belloch Julbe Mayor of Zaragoza (Spain)


Juan-Alberto Belloch has a rich and diverse history of promoting democracy and human rights in Spain.

He founded "Judges for Democracy" and the Association for Human Rights in the Basque Country.

As a judge, he has had various postings in La Gomera, Berga, Vic and Alcoy. He was the president of the Provincial Court of Vizcaya.

Spanish Minister of Justice from 1993 to 1994, and Justice and Home Office minister from
1994-1996 under president Felipe Gonzalez government (Socialist Party)

Member of he Spanish Parliament (1996-2000) and Senator for Zaragoza (2000-2004).

Mayor of Zaragoza from June 2003.

Vice-president of "Expoagua Zaragoza 2008"